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Paradigm Shifts in Gynecologic Oncology

Paradigm Shifts in Gynecologic Oncology

Photo by Modestas Urbonas, CC0 License

25 - 26 febbraio 2021
Varese, Ville Ponti

Learning with friends



Over the last years, some publications in the oncologic field dramatically impacted the management of gynecological cancers. In this context, we wanted to organize an event to share the results of the most significant studies, which somehow represented a paradigm shift in uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers.
The primary objective of this one-day conference is to give a chance to the attendances to understand the meaning of working in teams and learning from mentors and friends. High-level national and international speakers will share their expertise and provide inspiring talks with unique insights.
The proposed topics will be presented with reference to evidence-based medicine, national and international guidelines. The interactive sessions will give the opportunity to question leading experts and be inspired by best practices from other countries. The conference arguments will be of great interest not only to gynecologic oncologists but also to pathologists, general gynecologists, nurses, and physicians in training.



08.15- Registration
08.45- Opening session - J. Casarin
09.00 - Gynecologic Oncology at “Del Ponte Hospital” of Varese: past present and future perspectives - F. Ghezzi

Chair: F. Ghezzi / S. Greggi / V. Zanagnolo
09.30 - Minimally invasive surgery in endometrial cancer: the long and winding road to reduce morbidity - S. Cappuccio
09.50 - Lymphadenectomy vs. sentinel lymph node biopsy: surgical and oncological outcomes - N. Abu-Rustum
10.10 - The “5Ws”of adjuvant treatment in endometrial cancer: What - When – Where - to Whom and Why? - A. Mariani
10.30 - Sarcoma, or not sarcoma. That is the question - F. Multinu
10.45 - Molecular genetics in endometrial cancer: what’s the clinical implication? - T. Grassi
11.00 - Discussion on UTERINE MALIGNANCIES /Q&A
11.20 - Coffee break

Chair: F.Raspagliesi / A.Gadducci / M.Franchi
11.40 - The Role of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines in Cervical Cancer: Prevention and Treatment - G. Bogani
12.00 - Surgical treatment for apparent early stage cervical cancer: back to the “open” forever? - P. Ramirez
12.20 - Contraindication to NACT and surgery in locally advanced cervical cancer - F. Landoni
12.40 -Pelvic exenteration for cervical cancer recurrences: is there still a role? - A. Maggioni
13.00 - Discussion on CERVICAL CANCER /Q&A
13.20 - Lunch
14.00 - Friendship in science and medicine - N. Abu-Rustum - A. Mariani - P. Ramirez
14.30 - Leadership in gynecology - TBD

Chair: G. Scambia – TBD
15.00 - Early detection in ovarian cancer - A. Ahmed
15.20 - Advanced utrasound evaluation: impact on the preoperative work-up for in early stage and advanced ovarian cancer - D. Sturla
15.40 - Improving the outcome of early ovarian cancer treatment - S. Uccella
16.00 - Radical surgery in ovarian cancer: morbidity and oncological outcomes - G. Aletti
16.20 - Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for advanced stage ovarian cancer: how to select the patients? - L. Tortorella
16.40 - PARP Inhibitor to improve PFS in ovarian cancer patients - D. Lorusso
17.00 - Discussion on OVARIAN CANCER/Q&A
17.20 - Fill in the main mandatory forms and final test



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