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1° Obstetric Surgery Course

1° Obstetric Surgery Course

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Catania, Four Points by Sheraton Catania Hotel & Conference Center

Presidents: Giuseppe Calì, Giuseppe Ettore
Honorary Presidents: Antonio Chiàntera, Claudio Crescini, Jose’ M. Palacios Jaraquemada

Medical Expert Training in Obstetric Surgery
Lectures, Discussions, Hand-on-sessions, Live-demonstration

Scientific Committee: Maria Concetta Blanco, Nicola Chianchiano, Francesco Labate

Organising Committee: Ferdinando Gulino, Giuseppina Lo Balbo, Nicolò La Ferrera, Marianna Maranto, Filippo Rapisarda

Local Organising Committee: Elisa Casella, Carla Ettore


Haemorrhagic obstetric emergencies represent the most significant cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. In the last few years, obstetric haemorrhage has become the topic of several national and international conferences, professional courses, guideline updates and national surveillance programmes. Many aspects, however, remain a challenge within modern obstetrics, due to the severe implications on the maternal-neonatal outcome.
These include: vaginal intrapartum surgery, past procedures now unfamiliar to young gynaecologists, performing difficult caesarean sections, surgical techniques in the repair of uterine tears during caesarean section, the role of interventional radiology, correct aneaesthesiology and resuscitation techniques, correct management of coagulation disorders.
The aim of this course is to offer medical professionals an update on the last surgical techniques and a practical guide to labour ward care management, using mannequins and instructive videos.
Sessions in anestesiology/resuscitation, the role of the hematologist and the interventional radiologist will provide the necessary tools for appropriate multi-disciplinary management.
Furthermore, on March 23 afternoon it’s planned a session of practical exercises strictly reserved to the first 40 asking registration colleagues. 
At the end of the course, a round table of experts will discuss the subject of surgical training (clinical competences) for gynaecologists and best practices in the use of funding for maternity units  (organizational levels) and what we can learn from past clinical mistakes and medical-legal litigations.
Giuseppe Calì and Giuseppe Ettore



  • Peri and postpartum hemorrhage
  • Damage to the birth canal
  • Retroperitoneal hemostatic vascular surgery
  • Vascular lesions
  • Urinary system injuries
  • Elective surgical procedures in risk conditions
  • Emergency conservative surgical procedures
  • Management of intra and postpartum haemorrhage: Anesthesia and Coagulation
  • Clinical competence, multidisciplinary management, organizational levels of maternity units
  • What we can learn from mistakes and legal decisions



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Garibaldi - Nesima Hospital
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Four Points by Sheraton Catania Hotel & Conference Center
Via Antonello da Messina 45 - 95020 Cannizzaro, Catania (Italia)