Associazione dei Ginecologi Italiani:
ospedalieri, del territorio e liberi professionisti


About us

Italian Association of Hospital Obstetricians and Gynecologists

The Italian Association of Hospital Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Associazione degli Ostetrici e Ginecologi Ospedalieri Italiani, AOGOI) brings together more than 5000 physicians working in the field of gynecology throughout Italy in hospitals, on the territory and as self-employed physicians.

The association aims to support continuing professional development, to raise the profile of the profession, and to defend the occupational rights of its members. 

AOGOI is at the forefront in research in women's sexual and reproductive health, with projects in oncology, in vitro fertilization, and perinatal medicine. Over the years, AOGOI's increasing commitment to research and the growing complexity of its projects prompted the creation of a coordinating body: in 1998, the Confalonieri-Ragonese Foundation was established to oversee AOGOI's scientific activities and, especially, the post-graduate programs in various sectors of this broad medical field. 
AOGOI is also active in medical publishing through its monthly Official Journal Gyneco AOGOI.

AOGOI provides its members opportunities for continuing professional develop through residential courses ad a program of distance learning.

AOGOI has recently launched a first online network in gynecology. This network will permit AOGOI to strengthen professional collaboration and scientific discussions among its members who work in hospitals, on the territory and as self-employed physicians. The network will serve as a meeting point where members can exchange ideas on important and urgent topics related to their work, from understanding clinical guidelines to managing issues of daily practice that arise in hospitals and out-patient clinics.

History of AOGOI

AOGOI was founded in Bologna, Italy, on 13 October 1948 and recognized by the President of the Republic in 1949. The founding members of the association were Gaetano Dossena (Brescia), Raffaele Calvanico (Naples), Aldo Gusso (Rome), and Luigi De Giorgi (Naples). The legal headquarters was established in Milan, Italy. The association's current statute was revised and approved 1990.

When AOGOI was founded, Italy was facing a difficult period of post-war reconstruction. The work of AOGOI in these first years of its existence was fundamental in restructuring medical care in this delicate and critical area. The association continued its leadership role throughout the years, by always anticipating sources of difficulty and new challenges that affect this medical field, one of the most sensitive of the entire national healthcare service.