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8th Mediterranean Endo-Gynecological Surgery Congress

8th Mediterranean Endo-Gynecological Surgery Congress

Photo by Modestas Urbonas, CC0 License

5 - 8 ottobre 2022

HONORARY PRESIDENTS: Antonio Chiàntera, Ettore Cittadini, Giovanni Scambia, Arnaud Wattiez

CHAIR: Giuseppe Ettore


SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Francesco Cannone, Marco D’Asta, Gabriella Torrisi

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Mara Blanco, Ilenia Fonti, Sergio Giammona, Emanuele Russo, Antonio Siscaro

SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT: Elisa Casella, Carla Ettore, Ferdinando Gulino, Nicolò La Ferrera, Filippo Rapisarda, Cinzia Rubino



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great pleasure and an honor for me to welcome you to Catania for the 8th Mediterranean Endo-Gynaecological Surgery Congress.

After two years of pandemics, online conferences and webinars demonstrated our ability to adapt to a difficult situation, but also obviously showed the limitations and the lack of a live meeting.

The Congress comes back with an intensive scientific program, which includes pre-congress courses, live surgical sessions, lectures, and sponsor exhibitions:

  • Pre-Congress Suturing Training Course

  • Pelvic Floor Surgery: state of art

  • Benign Gynaecological Pathology

  • Endometriosis: diagnosis and surgical approach. Up to date

  • Gynaecological Cancer: diagnosis and surgical approach. Up to Date

  • Hysteroscopy and Infertility. “Use of the mini resectoscope”


The Congress is focused on all doctors who would like to have an important update in minimally invasive surgery.

Also, this year, eminent gynaecological oncological surgeons, and experts in radical surgery of endometriosis and hysteroscopy will participate.

The main objective will be sharing of diagnostic protocols, counseling models, surgical therapeutic choices, integrated medical therapies, and follow-up methods to provide maximum appropriateness, quality, and safety to women affected by pathologies that could severely alter their fertility and their quality of life.

Finally, this Congress represents a great starting point, assuming an important role in a return to training, to education, and to the continuous updating of future gynaecological surgery.

A special thanks to Armando Romeo for his huge support in the organization of the pre-congress training course and the realization of the scientific program.

I am sure that Catania, through its history, the weather, the scents, the lights, and the flavors will be able to guarantee to all the participants the usual hospitality.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to Catania.

Giuseppe Ettore



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