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Update on Labour & Delivery

Update on Labour & Delivery

Photo by Modestas Urbonas, CC0 License

22 - 23 marzo 2024
Parma, Consorzio Paganini - Sala Pizzetti

Congress President: Prof. Tullio Ghi

SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT: Elvira Di Pasquo - Stefania Fieni - Giovanni Morganelli



We are proud to host this International Meeting on labor and delivery. Birth is an extraordinary challenge for humans and the obstetric art has always tried to find the best solutions to harmonize the respect of physiology and the use of medical and surgical strategies to ensure the best outcome for the mother and for the baby.
Although the health of this precious dyad as the naturality of this holy event is preserved in the vast majority of cases, an obstetric intervention may be needed to contrast an abnormal course of labor or to face the severe complications or a adverse events which may arise during or after labor. Unfortunately the efficacy of some of these interventions is still uncertain or debated and the progress of knowledge in such a field is still slow.
On this background we decided to join some of the top experts in the world to present and discuss the last updates on the obstetric art.
We envisage that the contents that will be delivered during this 2 days Meeting will contribute to increase among the attendants competence, awareness and enthusiasm in the clinical management of labor ward. Moreover the practical workshops before the Congress will give the opportunity to get familiar with some of the new skills of obstetrics such as the physiological interpretation of CTG, the use of intrapartum ultrasound and the Odon Assist, a forthcoming and harmless instrument to expedite the vaginal delivery of the fetal head.
We look forward to seeing you all here in Parma!

Tullio Ghi, Congress President



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