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Endometriosis 2021

Endometriosis 2021

Photo by Modestas Urbonas, CC0 License

10 - 12 maggio 2021
Online - International Digital Congress

President: Mario Malzoni
Honorary Presidents: Mauricio Abrao, Leila Adamyan, Giovanni Scambia, Arnaud Wattiez

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 The greatest Live Surgical Challenge with biggest worldwide experts.

Join us live or on demand wherever you are, for an innovative experience of learning.

A global community of opinion leaders  from all over  the world, whose skills, expertise and experience, power one of the most recognized and  awaited scientific events.

Live surgeries, live Ultrasound, lectures, debates and new perspectives to be part of the educational and collaborative network.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities!

Mario Malzoni                                            


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